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81,000 Children to Lose Child Care & 60,000 Jobs Lost Statewide, Oct 31,2010

" Save Stage 3 Childcare & Jobs NOW!!!" Created by Parent Voices

 81,000 Children will Lose Child Care & 60,000 Jobs Lost in California, Oct 31,2010
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                      Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Child Care, Inc. Since 1984.
                       Supporting Our Community and the State of California's Familys
Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Child Care,with an average enrollment of 200 children ages 0-12 years old and a count of approximately 30 qualified teaching staff is facing some tough desission to make by,
October 31,2010.
Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Child Care, has informed [47 #] Stage 3 Working Families that they will lose child care because of lack of funding and a Vetoed Budget cut by Governor Schwarzenegger on Oct.8th,2010. Parents are faced with walking out of jobs and being unemployed with no other choices within reach, then may have to apply for Welfare. Parents and child care providers  everywhere are left speechless.
On October 31,2010-
        More then 7,500 people will be immediately impacted with in the San Fernando Valley
            3,870+  children will lose childcare
            1,470+  parents will no longer be able to continue working without childcare
            800+  college student will not be able to complete their education this year
            1,260+  child care providers will not receive payments for child care services
             80+ Child Care Resources & Refurral Agencies Staff will lose their jobs
                                                  [Child Care Resource & Refurral Agency Statictics- Oct 12, 2010]
Nairn 24 Hour Child Care has also informed 30 Teachers that they may also be losing their jobs. and supporting California community's, children & their family's.

Peggy Nairn, "I am ashamed as a Adult of The California Governor Schwarzenegger's Budget Discussion that will leave working family's without Jobs and Children without food on their table and a roof over their heads. Mothers & Fathers are asking, What will I do? A few mothers mentioned who is going to feed my children, they eat at the child care  center and we have no food at home, without child care we have nothing! Working Families have no idea whats going to happen to them or their children, without child care their children will be left home unsafe. School-age children will be left to fend for themselfs and find their own way to and from school. Parents will have to walk out of employment they have worked so hard to find and leave school that was intended to make a better future for families.This is a discracefull devestating MESS "

Support efforts to reverse the Governors Budget Veto with his Blue Pencil, NOW.
Over 81,000 children will be left without child care and over 61,000 jobs will be lost as of ,Oct. 31,2010.

Stage 3 Child Care is funding that was readily available until it was placed in a "Rainy Day Fund" and we all know it is Lightning with Thunder Outside right now.

On Oct.8th,The Governor took a "Blue Pencil" vetoing the child care budget for over a Billion Dollars and placing it in a "Rainy Day Fund". $256,000,000 of those funds were used for childcare to support working families, for families who contribute to our society and to our economy.

For every $1 that is spent in this program, $4 is made and adds to the stimulation of promoting a better economy for us all. This is a proven program that began in ,1998.
overweighting the $256,000,000 set aside for the, “Rainy Day Fund“. .

Stage 3 Child Care family's participants incomes are under $21,000 a year with a household of approx. 4. These families do not receive welfare funds and are trying to strive to be self sufficient and are contributing to our economy.

Parents will be forced to walk away from jobs they currently have and others to walk out of classrooms for education adults have paid for, to better their education and future life's for their family's.

This is a heartless act that was done without any thought of our community, children and family's.

We must put our children not politics first, this program cost the public no money but betters and stimulates our economy.

Please help by going on

Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Child Care, has been a part of the Child Care Community for over 27 years and they have never seen such a thing or thought someone could do such an evil act. It is awful to see the people who Peggy Nairn calls family, cry because they don't know what they will do or where they will go. This includes the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency's, All Child Care Providers, Children, Parents & Supporters of Quality for Children & Their Family's and everyone who aims for a better tomorrow for children of all Racial and Economical backgrounds.

Peggy Nairn. can think of a million ways she can get really personal about this Budget Veto but when it comes to Children and Family's.............., she just can't help it.
Peggy Nairn says,” She has seen to many people crying over this recent unexpected crisis. Together we can reverse this veto and continue to support each other to better the economy, as we have been doing and will continue to do in our community's and the state of California. This past three months Penny & Peggy Nairn 24 Hour Child Care, has assisted over 22 family's in finding employment. Now to tell parents they must walk away from their jobs because they cannot afford to pay for child care and go to welfare is Criminal! This is not fair, it is actually monstrous what The California Governor has done!"

Please ,Take just 1 minute and go to the website and support Children, Families & Jobs.
Or, send me your info and I will personally post your support, if you have children or not everyone can do this:
Name, Email, Zip Code, Stage3 Parent Yes or No, Lose A Job Yes or No, and a Comment.

Thank you & God Bless,
Peggy Nairn

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